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Mount Saint Helens Volcano Tour

Click photo for view of crater and lava dome of Mt. St. Helens
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Mount Saint Helens Volcano Tour
Learn about the "blast zone," mudflows, pyroclastic flows, biological regeneration and the largest avalanche recorded by man. The immense effects from the eruption of Mount Saint Helens on the surrounding region must be seen to be appreciated. Many incredible photo stops including the new Johnston Ridge Observatory.
Full day $95.00. Group discounts available for 30+ guests.

The Mount Saint Helens Volcano Tour is normally scheduled from 9 AM to 5 PM, but we're flexible! Because we travel in small groups, options may be available to adjust our itinerary according to your wishes as the day progresses. The following is a sample itinerary.

9:00 AM Pick up at your hotel or residence. Travel north from Portland crossing North America's second largest river, the Columbia. We will journey alongside the Columbia River for nearly an hour learning about the geological forces which created Mount Saint Helens and the other Cascades Mountains. Occasional views of Mount Saint Helens may be seen to the east.
10:10 AM A rest stop is made in Castle Rock Washington for rest rooms and to purchace our picnic supplies before we head east towards better viewing areas. Guests are welcome to bring their own picnic lunch also.

Click for view of Toutle River

10:30 AM The views become more and more amazing as we travel up the North Fork of the Toutle River. Stops will be made along the way to view the two-mile wide remnant mudflows and debris which crashed down the river valley in the largest avalanche ever recorded by man.
As we enter the "lateral blast zone" you will see the hillsides which are still covered with the shattered trees and stumps. 600 mph super heated winds decimated everything to the north up to 17 miles away! The new road, built 3000 feet above the valley floor in case of future eruptions, offers colossal views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
12 Noon We break for lunch at the Coldwater Lake picnic area. We will stop in Castle Rock to buy sandwiches or guests may bring their lunches. The "blast zone" makes for a unique picnicing experience.
12:45 PM We leave for the highlight of the tour -- Johnston Ridge! Opened on May 18, 1997, the Johnston Ridge Observatory, road and viewpoint will give you some of the most amazing views of an active volcano anywhere in the world! Guests will be given time to watch a fantastic 20-minute film on the events leading up to the May 18, 1980 eruption and to take in the exhibits at this fantastic 10.5-million dollar visitors center. EcoTours guides will have wildlife spotting scopes on hand for visitors to see the immense area and wildlife such as Roosevelt Elk up close.
2:30 PM If notified before the tour, tour options may include: Taking a short nature walk through a devastation area to observe the natural regeneration, taking a short walk down onto the mudflow of the Toutle River, hiking a short distance through the hummocks created from the eruptions' giant debris avalanche, or stopping at an A-Frame House which had volcanic mudflow ooze into it about five feet deep.
5:00 PM Arrive back at your hotel or home.

The cost of this day tour is $95.00 Cost includes door-to-door transportation and the interpretive naturalist services of your ecotour guide. Group discounts available for 30+ guests.

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